When I returned to the covert narcissist after one month of no contact, he escalated all his manipulations to the extreme levels such as plenty of triangulation. Why can he be attacking me this much?

He can be attacking you this much, because you are interrupting his antics as if you did something wrong. That is a narcissist’s dream come…

Create An Awesome Future While Healing Your Past

You can go from Hurt to Emotional and Physical Health, The process of going from Hurt to Emotional and Physical Health is amazing. People who contact me; tell me their story how she/he spent years and thousands of dollars for every healing technique she/he could find to heal his/her physical, emotional, relationship and career problems, but found his/her life actually got worse. Then, when she/he find me and she/he learn about the process of creating the future while healing the past, she/he can see the light at the end of the tunnel