Monsanto Attacking Safe Food Laws

Monsanto has cleverly slipped a more dangerous provision, HR872, into the house version of the Farm Bill. This bill is cleverly named Reducing Regulatory Burden’s Act, which will stop the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from reviewing new and expanded use of pesticides (often caused by the introduction of herbicide-resistant GMO crops) and require the USDA to approve GE crops easier and faster.

Vital Nutrition For Children

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 80% of children do not eat the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables. This is no surprise. According to the CDCP only 14% of adults eat the daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables. Parents have the fiduciary responsibility to maintain a healthy food plan for the family. Parents step up and do what is right for your child and yourself. It is easier than you think.