peace of mind

Empower Yourself To Achieve Success

Negative self-talk creates insecurities that cause distress and more insecurities. Insecurities stem from past experiences and childhood edicts that are intended to keep a child in line and safe. Furthermore, the fact that humans are vulnerable and that there’s much we don’t know about who we are and why we’re here prompts our insecurities to …

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Reflect On Life – Use The Benefits 

Life is interesting and fascinating, the ups and downs that come along can either propel you to greatness or leave you discouraged and wondering, Why me? If you reflect on your past for lessons from your experiences, you probably engaged in some of those situations and wondered why did I go there? You could easily …

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Breast Health Awareness

Nothing can be healed through a process of ‘fighting against it.’ First we need to look at how reality is created. Thoughts are created from our indoctrination and conditioning and feelings follow. Thoughts and feelings are impulses of energy. The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Cells of the nervous system, called nerve cells or neurons, are specialized to carry “messages” through an electrochemical process. The human brain has approximately 100 billion neurons.

Emotional Tranquility – Create It

Everyone experiences emotional stress periodically; a knot in your stomach, frozen with fear; wanting to escape or feeling out of balance. When you feel these stressors you might become impulsive and notice that your emotions are influencing your actions; causing you to be irritable or short tempered, you need to find a way to gain …

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