Are You Using ‘Will Power’ or The Power of the Universe?

Have you rowed a boat up stream – i.e. against the current? Rowing up stream is doable, but, it takes considerably more effort. Just like rowing up stream, working without aligning with the Universe’s current, it is doable, but, takes considerably more effort. When you work with the current, i.e. with the energy flow of the Universal Laws it is easier than working on your own.

Create The Mood You Desire

In the ever-expanding field of Metaphysics research reveals that you and I choose what mood we have on a minute by minute basis. Some people are influenced by the environment of the moment, the weather, and the moods of other people’s opinion. The research revealed that people who live in the deepest levels of personal satisfaction choose their own moods. It is an exercise, just like exercising a muscle.

God Speaks To You at Your Level of Consciousness

The Universe speaks to you in the language you can understand – thus – some of the bumps in the road are the only way The Universe could get your attention. Therefore, when you encounter a bump in your life, whether, you are in a car crash, late for work, lose something or a tornado misses your house and flattens the neighbor’s house, you need to ask yourself the question – “What do I need to learn from this experience?” “What is the Universe telling me?” “What does the Universe want me to know.” Stay alert. You will soon know.