The Quality Of Questions We Ask Determines The Quality Of The Life We Live

A poignant, yet simple, life principle posits that, ‘The quality of questions we ask determines the quality of the life we live.’ Asking oneself questions is the vehicle to strengthen and create the depth and breadth of your life. What, Where, Who, When, Which, How are the salient questions to create the depth and breadth to make your life meaningful.

Have You Wondered…’Why Are We Together?’

Have you ever wondered… “Why are we together?” “What is the hidden attraction?” “What is the reason we are in a relationship?” “Why do we irritate each other?” “Why can’t we just get along?” So many questions to ask and yet the answers seem illusive. The most challenging two questions are: “Why doesn’t he/she act like this or that?” “Why can’t I get through to him/her?” “If only she/he would___” Oh Happy Day. These questions are the big questions that are underneath all the other questions.

Effective Communication – 100% Two-Way Responsibility

Communication is a more complicated medium than we perceive it to be. Whether listening, reading, speaking, or writing, we have selective listening (reception) and selective speaking (transmission) processes operating at all times. As you read this article, you are selectively hearing my message and I am selectively sending it based on past experience, needs values, images and the language I use. These can all become barriers to effective communication.