Have You Wondered…’Why Are We Together?’

Have you ever wondered… “Why are we together?” “What is the hidden attraction?” “What is the reason we are in a relationship?” “Why do we irritate each other?” “Why can’t we just get along?” So many questions to ask and yet the answers seem illusive. The most challenging two questions are: “Why doesn’t he/she act like this or that?” “Why can’t I get through to him/her?” “If only she/he would___” Oh Happy Day. These questions are the big questions that are underneath all the other questions.

Co-Creating With Nature

A garden offers a perfect opportunity to reconnect to your true self and will remind you of your place in the natural world. Rather than approaching your garden as an investment of energy, you can look at the entire process of gardening, from planting seeds to harvesting food, as a way of deepening your conscious relationships with the creative force of the universe. If you are willing to shift your intentions from dominating, or directing nature, to co-creating with nature instead, you may discover a deep peace and renewed sense of wonderment.