Happiness: Create It

I pondered how many people stop to contemplate the things they do to create happiness. It is important to know what you do to create your happiness so that you can tap into it when the going gets tough or things go awry.

Abraham Lincoln stated, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” How happy will you make up your mind to be? What will you do to create happiness? The following tips will set the stage to create happiness.

Karma – Is It Haunting You?

Is Karma coming back to haunt you? Are you allowing Karma to be a Self punishing experience? Do you believe that no matter what you do Karma is your fate because you were not meant to have a great life?

These are the million dollar questions you need to ask your Self. Is Karma a debilitating Belief System that keeps you in an endless loop of punishment? So what is that about? Is Karma about Self punishment? Is Karma about a continuous continuing continuum of sentencing your Self to Self-Retribution? If this is what works for you, then, ‘enjoy’ it. Are the ramifications of the not being worthy, not good enough and not smart enough syndrome the pay off to being less than perfect?

Anger – Discover And Heal The Reason

When you are clear about your feelings, intentions and communicate them clearly, you have a better chance of achieving what you want than if you lose control or allow your unconscious mind to manipulate the situation. Misplaced anger can cause more harm than good. Discussing what you truly believe and feel empowers you and helps …

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Anticipate Good In Everything

Everything is what it is – from the worst disaster to bliss. Some people might conclude this is pure lunacy and have the mouse poised to move on. The questions are: What will you move to? Will you move to more of the same or something different? Will you move to bemoaning the negative, thus, drawing that into your life, or focus on the good and draw that into your life?

Faith – A Lifestyle

What better way is there to reinforce the concept of Faith, than on a t-shirt with the words, “Faith is a lifestyle?” The concept of ‘Faith,’ as a lifestyle might seem over the top. Yet, in order for faith to be effective; it needs to be a full-time proposition. Faith as a lifestyle means that daily practice of one’s faith towards all things that are good, helpful, hopeful, and that are life-giving needs to be continuous versus when one is in a tight spot or desperate.