Adult Survivor Of Sexual Abuse – Aftereffects Checklist

Have you ever wondered or do you know if you are an Adult Survivor Of Sexual Abuse? If you have wondered; this check list will assist you to clarify your thoughts, feelings and behavior or habits. If you checked one or more of these behaviors or symptoms, there is a high probability you are an Adult Survivor Of Sexual Abuse.

If you know you are an Adult Survivor Of Sexual Abuse, this Aftereffect Checklist will confirm that you are not making things up. What you experienced then created the beliefs, thoughts and feelings you experience now and you are not crazy. If only one item in these statements is true—simply underline that portion and check it.

Sex Addiction – A Misdiagnosis

Originally the term addiction was conceived and defined as physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances (alcohol, tobacco, heroin and other substances). Subsequently, addiction was broadened to include any persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance. Henceforth, every symptom can be labeled an addiction. AddictionZ Victoria, BC Canada has compiled a list of 110 addictions as set forth by Western/Allopathic Medical criteria.

Guest Blog – Prevent Child Abuse Texas Responds

Wendell Teltow, Executive Director of PCAT, received our December 17 message regarding their upcoming conference and has responded to criticism made therein by PTAVE board member Tom Johnson. In the interest of fairness, and with Mr. Teltow’s authorization, we now share with you below the email exchange that followed (including links to the referenced attachments).