Guest Blog: OUR VIEW: End paddling in schools

Paddling doesn’t teach a child anything except how to use force to get your way. That’s the exact wrong message to send to our students, who should be encouraged to control their emotions and use their brains to get past challenges. Worst of all is the bizarre twist of paddling students not just for misbehavior but for bad grades. What if a student has a learning disability or simply can’t grasp a difficult subject? Paddling in public schools is simply wrong. It needs to end now, not later.

ACTION ALERT – Help Protect Children From Physical Abuse


Call or email these Reps today and ask them to vote for Rep. Alma Allen’s HB 359 which will be voted on Friday, May 6 on the House floor.

HB 359 will abolish corporal punishment in Texas schools but allow parents to opt-in for their children. It is a big step forward for Texas and will virtually eliminate school padding.

Guest Blog – Prevent Child Abuse Texas Responds

Wendell Teltow, Executive Director of PCAT, received our December 17 message regarding their upcoming conference and has responded to criticism made therein by PTAVE board member Tom Johnson. In the interest of fairness, and with Mr. Teltow’s authorization, we now share with you below the email exchange that followed (including links to the referenced attachments).