Treatment for Know It All Syndrome

Commune With Nature – You Need To Be Out of Your Mind

It is highly effective to utilize personal and professional knowledge and techniques to assist people to connect with Animals, Birds, Bugs, Insects, and Amphibians utilizing psychic energy to heal and navigate the vicissitudes in life. However, you can learn to commune with animals and creatures to gather information to enhance your life. Rest assured no …

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Know-It-All Syndrome

Many people, who have a ‘know-it-all,’ persona; whether a Webster definition, or who pretends to know more than anyone else; have one personality trait in common, narcissism. Hidden behind the need to let the world know exactly how smart, funny, interesting or great she/he is, is the need to convince him/herself of their value. All know-it-alls suffer from a lack of self-confidence, and what they seek, through their tireless efforts to impress, is usually the need for approval and validation.