Animal and Creature Medicine

Medicine Cards – The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals is a book and a set of 52 beautifully designed animal cards. This divination system is based on the ancient Native American teachings and wisdom. The book and cards to facilitate the ancient teachings and wisdom was conceived in a vision. The power contained within the cards is real and pragmatic. I use animal and creature medicine for myself and clients. After twenty years of use I attest to the accuracy of the messages.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Life Is But A Dream

Many gurus and philosophers agree with the mysterious observation, stating that the world we perceive as real is an illusion, like a film being projected onto the screen. More people than not, are caught up in the projection and fail to understand it for what it is – an illusion. They are completely caught up in the illusion, imagining that they are in a life and death struggle and taking it very seriously.

Conversely, the enlightened few live their lives in the light of awareness that

Connect With Your Real Self – Your Core

Have you noticed that some people are in touch with their feelings with ease? I am not referring to drama, hysterics or emotional games – ‘Poor me, ‘Ain’t it awful, Why me?, etc. I am referring to the deep connection with one’s core. The Self that is the ‘I am,” that is breathing you. It is the ‘I am’ that you are before you took on this human body and after you lay this body down for the last time.