Sexual Abuse

How Effective Is Hypnosis As A Therapeutic Modality?

Step by step with hypnosis you can gently and easily make the transformation to create the life you desire. You can eliminate all mental, emotional, and physical symptoms to create feeling your best. Hypnosis is a word designated to identify the process to assist someone to achieve a deeper level of focus than one does …

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Is It Bipolar or Anger?

The person I’m seeing is bipolar and when-ever he’s mad at me he tends to scream and yell and disrespect me. And honestly, IDK if I blame his bipolar disorder or that he just doesn’t have control over his anger or it’s just himself as a person? Thanks for asking a profound question. My sincere …

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Harvey Weinstein – Avoid Being A Sex Offender’s Target  

Women/men need to learn how to STOP being a sex offender’s target. Each woman, who has been raped by a known person or stranger have unwittingly become a target.  Sex offenders choose their targets carefully based on Body Language alone, followed by Tone of Voice and Choice of Words.  The more vulnerable, insecure and/or needy the person is the more likely one will be considered a target.

Have You Ever Wondered If You Were Sexually Abused?

What To Do: A multifaceted healing—mind, body, spirit process specifically focused on mental, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse and diligent work is the most effective process; wherein the survivor can replenish her/his mental, emotional, physical, spiritual identity and empowerment. The symptoms which are diagnosed as disease, genetic or a disorder is the psyche’s message system that something is awry and needs to be addressed at the root cause….the mental, emotional, physical and/or sexual trauma. 

Does This Sound Familiar?

Loneliness, fear of abandonment, impulsive self-destructiveness, storminess in relationships, inability to achieve intimacy—these are feelings that we all experience at one time or another. However, for some people, who were emotionally, mentally and/or physically or sexually traumatized in childhood, live with these feelings almost constantly and experience them to a much higher degree.