Which Mindset Do You have?

It might seem like you’ve been thrown a number of curveballs, any single one of which could stop a person in his or her tracks. Maybe you’ve experienced a near-total loss of income because your job was cut back or eliminated or you were laid off through no fault of your own. Maybe you had to …

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Navigating The New Economy

You may be worried about money or how you will create the income you need now… And, since you’re reading this article post… I also know there’s a lot more to you than worry and fear! I know inside you is an unbeatable determination to support yourself and those you love through the world changes. (You’ve gotten this far… …

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Worry and Fear – How To Find Solid Ground

Maybe you remember hearing “What you focus on you create.”  If you’ve read some of my articles, you probably remember my saying, “To worry is to pray for what you do not desire.” With the current paradigm shifts whirling 24/7 this is a good time to focus on finding solid ground. With all the disinformation, lies, …

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Don’t Let a Disability Stop You from Having a Financial Plan for the Future

Financial planning is difficult for everyone, and for someone with disabilities, planning for the future can be especially complicated. If you’re living with a disability, it’s crucial that you make a clear financial plan, as well as understand how you’ll access and afford the care you may need later in life. You need to take a close look at your income and expenses, save for your retirement, and consider life insurance or burial insurance to protect your family’s finances.

Dreams Are Powerful and Empowering When You Stay Focused

From my own life experience and assisting many people to create the life they desire and deserve, I know that everyone is more powerful and stronger than ANY life circumstance. What you desire and would LOVE to create in your life still matters. And despite any upheaval in the world, your dreams, whether big or small, …

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