The Secret To Excellent Health

A blood test will reveal exactly what needs to be improved to be your healthiest. By ignoring the indicators which may be associated with your symptoms, you are not operating in your optimal wellness range. Basically, you’re cheating yourself out of your optimal health. The good news is: You Can Take Your Health Into Your Own HandsYou can …

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Happy Blended Family Holidays

Divorce and subsequently remarriage, many changes occur seemingly imperceptible. Many changes seem to go seamless, because the transition was gradual giving everyone time to accept the transition. Yet, there can be a unexpected and deep emotional reaction to a few transitions. Holidays seem to bring many unexpected and unresolved feelings to the surface. Holidays such …

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Forgiveness – Set Yourself Free To Live More Fully

One way to open your heart and soul to even more love in all of your relationships is to practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a spiritual practice that is part of almost every philosophy, and has the power to heal your hurt, free your heart and move your life forward.

The Best Road to Financial Freedom

Everyone desires and deserves to create Financial FREEDOM for him/herself and his/ her family. Many people are held captive in a career they hate, a lack of health, poor relationships and a past that continues to haunt them. That is precisely the reason I offer mentoring for those who desire to change this paradigm. Did …

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