Thought Or Thinking: Manage The Difference

Having a thought and the act of thinking are two different phenomenon. When you are thinking a thought, you are giving life to that vibration. Thoughts will come and go, but your thinking is held with decisive intention. Thoughts that are of cynicism, resentment or betrayal are optional. You have a choice and you have a right to say yes or no to these thoughts. What you thought has power over you has none without your permission. You create constantly through your thoughts you hold onto. Choose consciously what you are thinking about – your thoughts that you hold with decisive intention.

Take A Second Look – Key Success Ingredient

When you find yourself standing at a crossroads, you will likely approach the quandary before you methodically. A common rationale for forging ahead methodically is the belief that there is no time to investigate alternate solutions or path. Yet, it is important to take a step back and review the way you have managed your success thus far.