Ruling State – Positive or Negative?

Only one word can render the thought positive or negative. Are you using these words? the Law of Attraction holds the truth that what you focus on is what you draw into your life. What do you want to draw into your life – positive or negative results?
This article sets-forth words that are representative of the negative words most frequently used.

La Raison d’ être – The Reason To Be

What is my purpose?’ has become a common question for people, who, are seeking to improve their lives. The majority of people believe a ‘purpose’ is their greatest calling and is the only, ‘La raison d’ être’ – The reason to be. [The reason for existence]. While one’s purpose is a reason to be, everything one does needs to be done with purpose in mind.

Control Your Health and Wealth – What To Do

There is no source of poverty or a bad economy. However, you can restrict your natural birth right of abundance by buying into the fear monger’s hype – ‘The sky is falling. The economy is bad.’ If the economy is bad, then, why do many ‘power brokers,’ profit during a so-called bad economy?

There is no source of sickness, however, you are constricted from your natural birthright of well-being simply by buying into Western Medicine hype – the flu and colds descend on humans every September without fail. You can expect to have these diseases after age forty.