The Quality Of Questions We Ask Determines The Quality Of The Life We Live

A poignant, yet simple, life principle posits that, ‘The quality of questions we ask determines the quality of the life we live.’ Asking oneself questions is the vehicle to strengthen and create the depth and breadth of your life. What, Where, Who, When, Which, How are the salient questions to create the depth and breadth to make your life meaningful.

Steve Jobs Didn’t Have To Die of Pancreatic Cancer

Would it be OK if I told you there is a protocol that considers the natural cause of body dysfunctions, the reason (root cause) behind the development of tumors called cancer, and all other ‘sickness labels?’ Would it be OK if I told you many people have used this protocol and lived a natural healthy life beyond Western/Allopathic life expectancy? To begin, one needs to understand the fundamentals on how the body functions outside the confines of Western/ Allopathic protocol.