Vibrancy – Maintain or Raise It

Everything is the universe is energy, including humans and that energy moves in a circular fashion. The difference of one form of energy from another is the speed of its vibration. We know light has a very high frequency and a rock vibrates at a low frequency. Humans vibrate at different frequencies. The frequency at which humans vibrate draws in like energy ( ‘chemistry’) or repels unharmonious frequencies.

Manifest Your Desires – Tips To ‘Speed-Up’ The Process

Do you have a plan to create your desires? There are many basic principles on manifesting your desires. Set the goal, develop a plan, forge ahead; adjust as the progress unfolds and never give up. While these basics are tried and true, there are strategies one can add to the basic principles that enhance and some say, ‘speed-up,’ the success rate.

Manage Your Reactors In A Meltdown Situation

You might think radioactivity coming from a meltdown at a power plant or mushroom clouds spreads and kills faster than a cloud of fear coming from your mind that has forgotten the power source. Fear is a ‘lack attack.’ You fear the lack of something to meet the situation at hand. Your ego’s imagination takes a trip onto the ‘far side’, conjuring up a worst-cast scenario or maybe more than one. It plays out as a loud, unruly conversation in your head as if it has a life of its own.

Karma – Is It Haunting You?

Is Karma coming back to haunt you? Are you allowing Karma to be a Self punishing experience? Do you believe that no matter what you do Karma is your fate because you were not meant to have a great life?

These are the million dollar questions you need to ask your Self. Is Karma a debilitating Belief System that keeps you in an endless loop of punishment? So what is that about? Is Karma about Self punishment? Is Karma about a continuous continuing continuum of sentencing your Self to Self-Retribution? If this is what works for you, then, ‘enjoy’ it. Are the ramifications of the not being worthy, not good enough and not smart enough syndrome the pay off to being less than perfect?