Super Size Me – Child Obesity Epidemic

In the inaugural issue of a health magazine, which is dedicated to consumers with education supporting safe and healthy living; one article title grabbed my attention: Obesity Epidemic Confronting Our Youth.

While I agree child obesity is epidemic, the article title implies that obesity is a sinister monster lurking in the grocery store or the home environment diabolically grabbing innocent children; wrestling them to the ground and forcing junk food down their throats. Obesity is a family lifestyle – nothing more; nothing less. Children eat what their parents buy.

Hating The ‘Pretty People’ Sets-Up Self-Sabotage

Are you one of the many people, who hate skinny women, the muscle guys, the ‘pretty people’ or the ‘filthy rich’? You see them shopping, golfing, playing tennis and in restaurants. They seem to have the perfect life wearing designer clothes and a spring in their step. You manage to calm your anger by assuming they are egotistical jerks, and slow-witted beneath their superficial superior façade.

Your loathing compels you to avoid the gym, because, you cannot bear to be compared to their sleek figure or physique.