Movement – Vital Celebration Of Life

Movement is a vital celebration of life. It is a way to claim your existence and relish in the joy of being alive and aware. Imagine how freeing it is to completely trust your body’s movements, knowing it has perfect strength and rhythm. Your body loves movement. When you stretch or dance, your body adjusts, realigns and starts to become fluid with the rhythm of life. When you move your mood lifts and you will feel more connected with the world around you.

How To Shift The ‘Fit In’ Paradigm

More often than not, children are conditioned and rewarded to ‘fit in,’ through parental indoctrination, media, advertising and social establishments—religion, culture, education and society. While children need to learn manners, social etiquette, values and integrity, they also need guidance to experience life on their terms. Expressing one’s uniqueness against these multi-layered ‘fit in,’ messages are difficult to navigate. As you contemplate how drastically your life will change when you integrate these bold concepts into your day-to-day experience, you may feel a growing sense of pride. As you step out of the ‘fit in,’ paradigm, you might notice yourself being eager to resist the path of conformity. You will notice you are no longer subject to the pressure others put upon you to play by the rules.