Law Of Attraction – Be In Energetic Harmony

The Law of Attraction says you can have anything you are willing to become. You live in a world that operates by Universal Laws. As such, humans have a magnetic radius to the energy that they hold. When you desire to bring something into your life or experience a new result, the place to begin is within yourself. You can have anything you are willing to become; i.e. hold the energy.

Hugs and Praise – Health Food

Family therapist, Virginia Satir, through research concluded that: Humans need four hugs a day for survival; eight hugs a day for maintenance; and twelve hugs a day for growth.  Spiritual gurus, such as Mata Amritanandmayi advocate hugging because of passing the divine energy from person to person. Many people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable giving hugs …

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Are Your Wishes Fulfilled? – Learn How

Are your wishes fulfilled? Do you frequently think, ‘I wish _____?’ While ‘wishing; has long been touted as the formula for creating, it has less probability of creating than Santa Claus arriving on Christmas morning; your Fairy Godmother making a visit to grant you three wishes or the Genie popping out of the lamp. When has anyone’s Fairy Godmother shown up and when has a Genie popped out of the lamp, except, in a fairy tale or a TV sitcom? This article sets forth concrete steps to create your wishes.