Are Your Wishes Fulfilled? – Learn How

Are your wishes fulfilled? Do you frequently think, ‘I wish _____?’ While ‘wishing; has long been touted as the formula for creating, it has less probability of creating than Santa Claus arriving on Christmas morning; your Fairy Godmother making a visit to grant you three wishes or the Genie popping out of the lamp. When has anyone’s Fairy Godmother shown up and when has a Genie popped out of the lamp, except, in a fairy tale or a TV sitcom? This article sets forth concrete steps to create your wishes.

La Raison d’ être – The Reason To Be

What is my purpose?’ has become a common question for people, who, are seeking to improve their lives. The majority of people believe a ‘purpose’ is their greatest calling and is the only, ‘La raison d’ être’ – The reason to be. [The reason for existence]. While one’s purpose is a reason to be, everything one does needs to be done with purpose in mind.