Thanksgiving Every Day – Moment to Moment

Pleasure and thankfulness is a mark of an evolved soul and refined character. People like to be around those who are positive, because they tend to brighten the room. They prompt others to feel better about themselves.People who revel and express thankfulness in the pleasure of simply being alive are more humble, more joyful and more likable.

Manage Your Reactors In A Meltdown Situation

You might think radioactivity coming from a meltdown at a power plant or mushroom clouds spreads and kills faster than a cloud of fear coming from your mind that has forgotten the power source. Fear is a ‘lack attack.’ You fear the lack of something to meet the situation at hand. Your ego’s imagination takes a trip onto the ‘far side’, conjuring up a worst-cast scenario or maybe more than one. It plays out as a loud, unruly conversation in your head as if it has a life of its own.