Discover The Gift – Documentary Review

Best known for directing 3000 Miles to Graceland, (2001) and Executive Producer – The Road to Graceland (2001) comes the unlikely producer, director, co-author and co-creator Demian Lichtenstein, who brilliantly and stunningly choreographed a feature-length documentary, Discovery the Gift from the book of the same name co-written with his sister, Shajen (pronounced Cheyenne) Joy Azis.

Family and Friends – Hold The Mirror For Your Spiritual Growth

Everyone has soul mates in all arrays of life. Soul mates are souls who have agreed to travel together throughout many life times. Those who are closest to you – family members, including, aunts, uncles, cousins – and close friends all agree to reincarnate together to support each other in their mission and purpose. Likewise, you agreed to be here for each one to support their mission and purpose.

Who You Truly Are – Bring It Forth

As you walk through the day with each person you meet, each decision you make, each action you implement – realize from the depths of your being, it is exactly the right thing, exactly the right thought, exactly the right decision, exactly the right action, exactly the right work. This is not only for the highest good for yourself, but that you become part of that good exactly where you are, for every person and situation you touch.