Live Exactly As You Desire

When you wake up in the morning what is your first thought? Do you think of creating something wonderful or does the ‘To Do,’ list loom forebodingly? You can choose to live exactly as you desire, if you are interested.

Each single day is a miniature lifetime. Each moment you encounter in this day is a new moment to create something wonderful, something important, or simply completing the next step in a project or goal. The moments are yours to do with what you choose. What will you choose?

All Answers To All Your Questions Lie Within

Thomas Edison said that if humans did all the things they are capable of doing, they would astonish themselves. Edison practiced going to a place within himself he called, ‘The Land of The Solution.’ He sat quietly in a rocking chair to access his subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all experiences, all outcomes of all experiences, all knowledge and answers to all questions. Everyone can access the subconscious mind to attain the answers to questions or find solutions to issues.

Family and Friends – Hold The Mirror For Your Spiritual Growth

Everyone has soul mates in all arrays of life. Soul mates are souls who have agreed to travel together throughout many life times. Those who are closest to you – family members, including, aunts, uncles, cousins – and close friends all agree to reincarnate together to support each other in their mission and purpose. Likewise, you agreed to be here for each one to support their mission and purpose.