Addictive Personality – What Is It and What Causes It?

Society needs to take a hard look at what is created when thoughts and feelings are labeled an Addiction. Western/Allopathic theory and protocol fails to recognize symptoms are inexplicably within the person’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Every symptom can be more accurately defined as an expression of the person’s experiences, lifestyle, beliefs, indoctrination and conditioning.

Discover The Gift – Documentary Review

Best known for directing 3000 Miles to Graceland, (2001) and Executive Producer – The Road to Graceland (2001) comes the unlikely producer, director, co-author and co-creator Demian Lichtenstein, who brilliantly and stunningly choreographed a feature-length documentary, Discovery the Gift from the book of the same name co-written with his sister, Shajen (pronounced Cheyenne) Joy Azis.