Strength and Courage – How Powerful Is Yours?

You might believe that what is preventing you from accomplishing your desires is a combination of issues – time, skills, finances, etc. Iron clad and plausible excuses are in plentiful supply – The ‘If only…’ or ‘What if…’ syndromes come into play. Yet, you need to break through the road blocks piece by piece, and it all starts with a thought and willingness to do so.

Movement – Vital Celebration Of Life

Movement is a vital celebration of life. It is a way to claim your existence and relish in the joy of being alive and aware. Imagine how freeing it is to completely trust your body’s movements, knowing it has perfect strength and rhythm. Your body loves movement. When you stretch or dance, your body adjusts, realigns and starts to become fluid with the rhythm of life. When you move your mood lifts and you will feel more connected with the world around you.