Consistently Create Incredible Results That Seem Impossible 

The truth is humans need to continue to develop their intuitive skills as much as cognitive skills to navigate the three-dimensional world. 

It  is tragic that intuitive skills are systematically over shadowed by cognitive skills in Western society. There’s much more going on in the Universe, on an energetic level, than what can be observed by the five senses alone!

Inner Voice: Listen Up

There is a moment when you can make a decision to listen to that still, small voice within. The small voice is your highest authority, your greatest strength, your deepest peace and everything in the Universe.

You may realize that when you pay attention and follow your Inner Voice, life unfolds in a dramatically new way. Opportunities seem to present themselves with no forewarning and your possibilities expand.

The Universe Has Infinite Possibilities – Claim Yours

The Universe we live in has infinite possibilities, and, yet many people are seduced by what they think is the finite, because people tend to only look with their physical senses.

This article is an invitation to practice accessing your senses that you possess, which reach beyond the physical realm. Whether you believe it or not, you have a sixth sense your intuitive ability. Everyone has intuitive ability. Some people have allowed themselves to use their sixth sense/intuitive ability more readily and affective than the majority of people.