Attract the Love Of Your Life – Your Soul Mate

As people let go of their fear-based, survival of the fittest mentality and awaken to their love based intuitive, spiritual empowerment, drawing in one’s intended love of their life soul mate will be more easily attained. These powers are founded on the realization that we each create our reality, based upon our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. By awakening to this Universal Truth, we accept the response-ability that we are…creators of our life. This realization, consciously or unconsciously, activates the Law of Resonance. It sends each person’s vibration to attract…Spiritual Soul Mates!

Have You Wondered…’Why Are We Together?’

Have you ever wondered… “Why are we together?” “What is the hidden attraction?” “What is the reason we are in a relationship?” “Why do we irritate each other?” “Why can’t we just get along?” So many questions to ask and yet the answers seem illusive. The most challenging two questions are: “Why doesn’t he/she act like this or that?” “Why can’t I get through to him/her?” “If only she/he would___” Oh Happy Day. These questions are the big questions that are underneath all the other questions.

Twin Souls – Reunited

Many people contact me to do their conscious work of healing and becoming whole within. Their desire to do their inner work was prompted by an ‘awakening,’ that each in their own way realized she/he had a soul agreement to reunite with a Twin Soul this lifetime.

No doubt you have heard of Soul Mates. A Soul Mate is a soul you have met in your current life with whom you had a previous life/lives. A Soul mate could be a lover, spouse, mother, father,