Mental Health

Are You Running From Your Emotional Distress?

Every phase of life contains moments of both joy and emotional distress regardless of who you are or how wealthy you are. Indeed, emotional distress is central to the human experience. What makes the difference in your heart and mind is how you handle these circumstances. You can go into denial, push them away or run from it, but, you can not get away from your emotions for long.

Life Is A Series Of Steps – One Minute At A Time

The way you show up for yourself this minute, today, tomorrow and everyday thereafter has a huge affect on who you will be; what you will experience and accomplish years from now. When you remain fully engaged minute to minute, enjoying everything while putting your energy into making the most of it, you will discover that you are well prepared and capable of handling any circumstance you encounter.

Are Your Emotions Sabotaging Your Life?

Do you often feel uneasy or skittish? The feeling of uneasiness or skittishness makes it difficult to respond consistently to what is going on around you. Your uneasiness or skittishness can prompt you to cry easily or perhaps sometimes seemingly small things could cause you to react irritably or angrily. You could warn those around you that you are feeling temperamental, though they probably already know that this is the case.

Know-It-All: Survival Strategy

No doubt you have encountered the ‘know-it-all.’ A person, who projects that she/he ‘knows-it-all’ is usually afraid of listening because she/he is afraid of anything new and so they do not allow any new information to come their way. She/he seems to know everything about anything that is brought up and tends to dominate the conversation. They feel uncomfortable with questions regarding their premise and seldom acknowledge if they are incorrect on a topic or concept.