Only 45% of U.S. Employees Like Their Job – Reason Not Surprising

Reported January 2010 a Conference Board research group study revealed that only 45% of U.S employees like their jobs. Some speculate that national economics is causing a generalized malaise due to a tight job market. However, statistics show that employee discontent has been steadily rising for over fifty years.

Decision Making – Have Fun

Decision making is the key to everything in your life – from brushing your teeth to becoming a millionaire – have fun doing it, rather than perceiving it as a chore or scary proposition. Remember change is constant. Therefore, do not hesitate to change what needs to be changed as you move toward manifesting your goal(s). These steps are merely guidelines and need to be modified or changed to meet your unique style or circumstance. Also, remember to shift, change or modify your strategy as the winds of your industry, focus or circumstances shift or change.

Grace – Foundation For Peace Of Mind

Grace is the foundation for peace of mind and harmony. Although, grace is omnipresent; you need to cultivate it based on your decision to do so. You might not be consciously aware of its subtle beauty, like during chance meetings, near misses, and insights that seem to come from nowhere, you are responsible for cultivating and implementing its greatest essence in your life.